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Here you can Buy Shellac Style Gel Nail Polish Online.

Simply choose your Gel Nail colours and create your own beautiful nails. What is Shellac?


Find out what you need to do your own Shellac Style Gel Nails at home. Follow the simple step by step instructions to prepare the nails, add each coat and finish off the nails properly for long lasting results.

Need a shellac kit?

See our range of Shellac Nail Kits available online, including both UV lamps and fast efficient LED nail  lamps

Ready for the Ultimate Gel Nails Collection for Autumn?

Indulge in the Divine & Demonic Collection

Pick Gel Nail Polish Colours that Sparkle and Brood

Divine & Demonic Gel Nail Polish Collection

Are you searching for the ultimate gel nail polish collection to add flair to your autumn look?

What if your nails could sparkle like the last of those heavenly bright sunny days and brood darkly like the first darker days of winter?

They can, of course. Shellac Nails presents their new Divine and Demonic gel nails collection for autumn with three divine sparkly shades and three deeper, darker, demonic hues to mix and match for your ultimate autumn looks. READ MORE


Divine Demonic Gel Nail POlish Collection

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