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Auroa’s Glow

AUROA'S GLOW - a deep, fine glitter green colour, with just a hint of turquoise.

Magenta Mist

Magenta Mist - The deep magenta shade of an early morning sky. A fine glitter to enhance the magnificent magenta tones

Snow Freckles

Snow Flakes - A delicate pink shade with bold chunks of silver glitter.


Sundrops - A soft fine glitter of gold.

Winter of Emotions Collection

Winter of Emotions Collection (Winter 2019) Six deep, dark, yet vibrant colours for cold winter days and nights SC072 – Emotion – a deep dark purple colour with fine iridescent glitter.SC073 – Patience – A fine silvery ice-blue glitter chunky glitter.SC074 – Passion – A chunky red glitter in clear gel.SC075 – Romance – a fine bright pink with iridescent glitter,SC076 – Success – A fine golden glitter.SC077 – Devotion – A chunky purplish, blue glitter with extra colour diamante glitter.

Leaves & Canyons Duo

Fallen Leaves by Scorch, a favourite from our Falling 4 U Collection is a warm caramel nude while Clay Canyon by Scorch  is a deep, reddish nude