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10 piece – Acetone Gel Removal Wraps

Pre Soaked Acetone Shellac Removal Wraps – Mini Pack of 10 Wraps  

10 Professional Lint Free Pads

Osmium Beauty Professional Lint Free Pads are ideal for use with Bluesky / Scorch Shellac Nail Polish. Use our absorbent

100/180 Nail File – 5 Pack

100/180 Nail Files Perfect for preparing your nails before applying Bluesky/Scorch Shellac Nail Polish. Our cushioned nail file will keep

Acetone Gel Removal Wraps

Original price was: €35.00.Current price is: €15.00.
Pre Soaked Acetone Shellac Removal Wraps – Box of 200 Use coupon code: REMOVAL20 to receive 20 wraps for €5

Apple Cuticle Oil Pen Gel Nail Polish

Scorch Cuticle Oil Pen is a natural blend of plant and nut oils that nourish and moisturise the cuticle and nail plate. Note: May not be suitable for people with a nut allergy.

Home Shellac Nail Remover Kit – Bronze


Everything you need to remove your shellac nail gel manicure safely at home.

Kit Contains: 5 X Orange Sticks - For cleaning nail plate 10 X Acetone Warps - For wrapping your nails to soften the gel 5 X Lint Free Pads - For cleaning the nail plate 1 X  Nail File - For filing off the top coat seal 1 X Apple Cuticle Oil Pen  

Metal Cuticle Pusher Gel Nail Polish


Use to remove dead cuticle and skin around the nail plate.

Metal Nail Clipper

Full-Size Heavy Duty Nail Clipper & integrated nail file
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfortable feeling for easy use

Nail Soak Off – 570ml


Gel Soak Off Solution

  • For soaking of nails to remove shellac manicure
  • Contains Lanolin for your skin
  • Recommend that you patch test prior to use
  • Salon Size - 570ml

Orange Wood Sticks (Pack of 10)


10 Orange Wood Sticks

1 Packet containing 10 orange wood stick.

Use to tidy the cuticle area, clean up around the free edge and remove soaked off Scorch Gel.

Professional Nail File with Free Tips

Professional Electric Nail File with Free Tips

Scorch Shellac Primer

Scorch Primer;  the primer allows for perfect gel polish adhesion with a gentle formula for your nails. Scorch Acid-Free Primer  helps to remove any lasting oils from your nails - a great product for anyone who struggles with their gel manicure lifting or peeling.