Our Bundles

Here at Shellac Nails Ltd we have come to realise that our customers like value for money so to this end we have put together a number of bundles to help build up your collection of nail accessories

Home Shellac Nail Remover Kit:   When you can’t get to the salon we have put together everything you need to remove your gel polish in the safest possible way.  We have even included a premium therapy moisturising cream and gloves for some hand pampering.

Manicure Essentials Kit:    The essentials required to complete any good manicure.

Gel Nail Repair Kit:    When you are travelling or on the go and need to be sure that you have an emergency kit for those little Shellac manicure accidents.

Bumper Nail Art Accessories Park:     When you have mastered the standard shellac gel manicure and now want to advance to nail art we have put together everything you need to get started.

Liquids:    For the more serious customers we have a mini or professional liquids kit.

Lamp:   No Shellac Gel manicure can be completed without a lamp.   We at Shellac Nails have always been ahead of the rest when it comes to bringing affordable good quality lamps to our customers at a fair and reasonable price.   Check out our 54w UV/LED lamp..

Bumper Nail Art Accessories Pack


Bumper Nail Accessories Pack

A bumper pack full of assorted nail accessories. Buffers, Blocks, Nail Art Brushes and Diamante sets to make your nails look even better.