Looking for the Best Shellac Style Gel Nail Polish?



Looking for the Best Shellac Style Gel Nail Polish? Express Yourself with More Than 150 Colours. With, You Can Create Your Perfect Looks at Home!

Are you ready to try your hand at doing your own gel nails to express your own fashion vision with the precise colour combinations to suit your mood? Why pick from someone else’s one size fits all designs when you can create your own personalised look whenever you feel like it at home? It is easier than you think to have the best shellac manicure if you have your own gel nail kit from

You may be wondering why you should get gel nail polish. Why not use regular nail polish? Regular polish is vulnerable to chips and scratches, and if you are lucky you might get a week out of it. Gel nail polish is a revolutionary new approach to nail fashion. It isn’t just a better version of regular polish – it is completely different. With shellac style gel nail polish, you can enjoy your fabulous, glossy nails without fear of chips or scratches for two weeks or more – without worrying about it. This is tough stuff. It withstands everyday wear and tear without losing its shine, meaning you look great longer with less effort. And now you don’t have to rely on a professional nail salon to enjoy the glamour of gel nail polish art.

Maybe you have an idea for what you want and your favourite salon offers designs that are almost right, but not quite. Or perhaps you are yearning for the exact right shade of sparkly gel nail polish, but the one they have isn’t exactly it. Don’t settle for almost perfect when you can take control of your style and create your own precise vision on your nails – at home where you can practice until it is perfect.

More than 300 Colours for Countless Stunning Gel Nail Designs!

You don’t have to buy them all of course! You can simply click on our Shellac style Gel Nail Collections or Colours to choose exactly what you want, from a fully stocked, professional quality gel nail kit to that one perfect shade of polish. Let your imagination feast on the gorgeous possibilities available to get inspired to design your own exquisite gel nail polish designs.

  • Colour collections are a great way to get started and stay up to date with the season’s colour trends. offers fresh new collections seasonally so you can get all the colours you need for hottest looks. Each collection includes a range of colours that work beautifully individually or when combined in your own delightful designs. Mix, match and make your nails stand out with the latest seasonal shades when you purchase a seasonal colour collection from
  • You want glittery glamour? No problem. Well, you might actually have a problem choosing from more than 80 sparkling shades. At least you’ll have no more worries about finding a version of your favourite colour in a glitter polish, whether it is a bright yellow, a dramatic red or a rich green.
  • Every lady needs a supply of the classic colours, and this is where to find them. From deep reds and bright whites to pearly pastels and natural neutrals, you’ll find the best quality fashion staples to endure at least two weeks.
  • Are you balancing on the cutting edge of fashion? Feeling festively funk? Keep up with the trends with a click with Whether you are going retro for an ‘80s look with neon shades or keeping up with the current catwalk trends with Flavours of Spring collection, you can find the selection you need to create your own unique nail designs here!

When you have your own gel nail kit at home, you can express yourself beautifully with exactly the nail designs you want whenever you want. It’s easier than you might think. You won’t lose an afternoon at the salon or struggle to find an appointment time that works when you take charge with your gel nail kit and collection of gorgeous colours.

Yes You Can – with the Right Gel Nail Kit and Some Practice!

1. Start with clean, dry nails. Smooth and shape the ends, and remove the cuticle. Wash and dry your hands before starting.

2. Brush a thin layer of gel nails base coat from the inner edge of the nail out over the tip with overlapping strokes. You want the base coat to completely cover the entire nail to make sure your gel nail polish looks perfect for a full two weeks. Do one hand, and then go on to the next step.

3. Use your gel nail lamp to cure the base coat on all of your nails, keeping your fingers spread apart so they don’t touch each other. Follow the instructions that came with your nail lamp; your nails shouldn’t be completely dry at the end of this step.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other hand.

5. Gently shake the gel nail polish bottle and apply a very thin coat stopping just a hair inside of the edge of the base coat. This is the secret of getting salon quality results when you do gel nails at home. Do one coat on one hand, and then cure that hand in the nail lamp until the nails are dry. This usually takes two minutes or less. Repeat on the other hand.

6. Repeat the previous step so each nail has a base coat and two dry coats of gel nail polish.

7. The top coat is critical. The trick is that you apply it by brushing to the very edges of your nails so the two coats of colour are securely inside the protective base and top coats. This is what keeps your gels nails beautiful for two weeks. Cure the top coat in your nail lamp until it is completely dry.

8. If you are using more than one colour, add the second (and third and fourth!) colour exactly as you did the first one before you do the top coat. Do not apply colour over the top coat, and remember to do two coats of every colour you use in your design.

9. Finish by giving your nails a quick once over with the alcohol wipes so no sticky residue remains.

Removing shellac style gel nail polish is easy. You need the correct product – acetone – and some cotton wool and tin foil. Wet a cotton ball with acetone and use a small bit of tin foil wrapped around the cotton and your finger tip to hold it against each nail. It will take between five and eight minutes for the acetone to work, but be sure not to leave the cotton wool on your nails longer than ten minutes because after that it will evaporate and the polish will stick to the nail again. If any polish is left on the nail, you can you use a cuticle stick to gently scrape it off.

With gel nail technology, it is easy to design and apply your own nail polish designs in the colour you choose and enjoy your gorgeous, glossy nails for two weeks without any worry that they will be ruined by scratches and chips. All you need is a gel nail kit with a nail lamp and some sumptuous gel nail polish colours!

Do you need one more reason to get your gel nail polish from Shipping is FREE. Your country might add customs fees, but will ship your gel nail supplies to most European countries without charging for postage or packaging.- CLICK HERE to check your country.

Order your Gel Nails Lamp and Polishes from now so you can create your own unique looks right away!

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