Women We Love (But Hate to Shop For)

For the women we love but hate to shop for

Do you love a lady who is fond of fashion, supremely stylish with her stunning shellac nails and a complete and utter nightmare to shop for?

Many men feel completely inept at selecting gifts for the glamorous girls they love, whether it is their partner, sister, mom or a good friend.  Here’s a secret those men don’t know – a lot of us women are in the same boat!  What on earth do you get for the friend who is so fashion forward she’s wearing styles you won’t see in the places you shop for weeks.  She has a gift for pulling together outfits that are classic but with an up to the minute trend tossed in ever so gracefully.  She shows up with eye-catching shellac nails art designs you instantly admire.  How do you select something for that friend who spots the most absolutely perfect things for you after you’ve looked through that display and never saw their potential?

Let’s be honest.  By the time a trend appears on your horizon, she’s already got it.  She is probably the one who told you about it.  She’s a treasure because you look great when you follow her advice, and she will always give you an honest but uplifting answer when you ask how something looks on you.  But buying a gift for her is painful.  She sets the bar high without meaning to by being so spot-on with her own fashion choices.  It’s more than a little intimidating no matter what your relationship with her is.  Her closest friends suffer as much picking out presents as her boyfriend does.  It is difficult to buy for her, but it is not impossible.  There is one approach that cannot go wrong.

Don’t Despair – Get Her Gel Polish Sets

If your friend loves shellac nails, you can show that you love her style sense without putting a foot wrong if you get her one of the great gel polish sets or gel polish kits available from Bluesky.  Even if she’s not confident about how to do shellac nails at home, if she can do her own make up, she can create her own gorgeous gel polish and the right accessories.  With so many shellac nail kits on the market, she’s probably eager to give it a go and learn how to do shellac nails at home.

If you are shopping for gel polish kits, the first decision to make is whether you want to get a kit with a LED gel nails lamp or a UV gel nails lamp.  Both will do a fine job curing gel nails, but there are a couple of differences.  Some people are concerned about UV exposure, so a LED nail lamp is a better choice for them.  LED nail lamps are also faster, but UV nail lamps take about two minutes, so they are hardly time consuming!  You can find both starter and professional nail kits online that include Bluesky gel polish sets.

Why the Super Stylish Love Gel Polish

When you think about it, there is a lot to love about using gel polish on your nails.  And that means it really is a thoughtful and just right present for the glamour loving women on your Christmas list.  Here’s a few of the best things about gel polish.

  • Gel polish really does last for two weeks.  It resists chips and scratches, and it retails that gorgeous high gloss look.  Busy women who want beautiful nails love it because it is worry-free and they can spend less time doing their nails while looking great for longer.
  • Gel polish is ideal for nail art designs.  The array of colours available from Bluesky is astonishing, and you never have to worry about all that detail being scraped or scratched.
  • Once you learn how to do shellac nails at home and make your choice from the shellac nail kits available, you never have to worry about finding a time that works for you at the nail salon.
  • It just looks better.  Aside from looking better for longer, gel polish is glossier and richer than regular old nail varnish.  Whether it’s a glorious glitter, a deep and dramatic dark colour or a detailed design in pastels, shellac polish looks amazing.

What Will You Get Her This Christmas?

Maybe your fashionista friend already knows how to do shellac nails at home and even has a couple of professional nail kits.  She’d probably love one of the Bluesky gel polish kits.  Or maybe you’ve noticed how creative your girlfriend is (and you are terrified of getting her a beauty related gift that could be misinterpreted as a suggestion that she’s lacking in some way) and want to find a gift that shows your appreciation of not only her creativity in general but her style skills.  One of the quality starter shellec nail kits might give her a new and gorgeous way to express herself.  Maybe you’d like to get your mum a pressie that you could enjoy some good mum and daughter together using.  That’s another great reason to consider gel nail kits.  And did we mention they are easy to wrap?

We have a huge choice in LED Lamp and UV Lamp shellac gel nail kits. Check them out now!